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Technology Exposé:
NanoScope Modeler

NanoScope™ Modeler generates accurate lithography process models. It has been production proven at 130nm, 90nm, 65nm and 45nm technology nodes. It provides physical tuning parameters to simulate mask distortion and resist loading effects. Distributed computing enables fast and accurate model calibration with user-definable model tuning sequences in both GUI and batch modes.

Main features include:

  • Scalar mode or vector mode for the optical component of simulation.
  • Capable of modeling immersion lithography with top-coated resist film stack.
  • Proprietary mask distortion modeling technique.
  • Advanced illumination and polarization handling.
  • Distributed computing enables fast calibration.
  • Both ADI model and AEI model can be built with flexible algorithm selection.
  • GUI mode and Batch mode model tuning optimization.
  • Multiple points model covers whole process window.
  • Process Window fitting capability.
Modeler Illumination
This supports both the standard Analytical and User-Defined Source Map configurations to define the Illumination Source profile.
Users can also load the illumination source map files from other tools to get the source matrix in the NanoScope Modeler.
Modeler Predicted Contour
Predicted Contour.
Model calibration is done with very high accuracy. As a result, the resist contour prediction in the process window matches the actual wafer result as shown in this image.
Modeler Process Window Tuning
Process Window Tuning.
This allows process window model tuning with a given set of gauge data for user-defined process window conditions. Process window model consists of a nominal condition and its sub models that exhibit the best fitting for all the process conditions.