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Ever since its founding, Anchor Semiconductor has developed and released innovative products and solutions. Anchor’s strength lies not only in developing the fundamental version of an algorithm, but also the supporting set of enormously useful variants.

Pattern Search
Anchor was among the first to develop a pattern search engine for exact match that was not based on rules written in SVRF or other scripting languages, but simply on user-supplied patterns. It was a shape-to-shape matching algorithm. But Anchor did not stop there — Anchor subsequently developed not one, but multiple ‘similar’ search engines to provide a complete solution. One of these similar search engines is Parametric Search. Click “Parametric Rule Editor” below for more details.

Although chip design files in the form of GDS and OASIS have been used successfully within the Fab for the past decade, their use has suffered from one significant shortcoming: the inability to pinpoint the defect on the design and identify the impacted polygons. Defect coordinates reported by inspection tools suffer from coordinate error, which reduces their value. The reported coordinate cannot be trusted as the true location of the defect. An error of +/- 200nm, for example, is significant when the feature size is 14nm.

Design and Image Integration
Anchor’s D2DB-Image Explorer offers a solution to this longstanding problem by providing design-and-image integration that can pinpoint the defect on the design to eliminate coordinate error. Knowing the true location of the defect opens up exciting new opportunities for very precise yield analysis. Click “Image Processing” below for more details.
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