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YA-AHS (Anchor Hotspot Solution)

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YA-AHS (Anchor Hotspot Solution) provides a complete application for reviewing and analyzing the results from inspection and review tools. It provides a feature-rich graphical user-interface with charting, visualization, and drill-down capabilities. Taken together, these capabilities provide a flexible tool for data analysis that produces actionable information.

Because data analysis often begins with a search for common features, pattern grouping functions are a core component of YA-AHS. The rich grouping engines of Result Explorer are included and integrated with the GUI — including both signature extraction and signature grouping.

In addition, YA-AHS can import and analyze CD-SEM data from Hitachi and NGR tools.

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Complete Application

YA-AHS is a complete application with a feature-rich GUI that provides freedom to analyze and manipulate inspection results in numbers ways to arrive at actionable information.

As such, it packs all the pattern groping engines that exist in Result Explorer.

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Pattern Grouping

All of the grouping engines — both exact and similar — from Result Explorer are integrated into YA-AHS.

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Pattern Grouping Results in Tile View

Tile View provides an efficient means for displaying the results of Pattern Grouping. Each tile is the ‘reference’ pattern for its group.

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Visualization You Expect

All of the data visualization tools you expect are built in, including:

  • Wafer map
  • Die Stack
  • Data Table
  • Charts
  • Layout Viewer

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Integrated Layout Viewer

A complete layout viewer is built in, allowing the user to view the entire chip, to view hotspot patterns, to view grouping results, to overlay SEM images onto the layout, and more!

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Analysis of CD-SEM Data

YA-AHS can import and analyze CD-SEM data from Hitachi and NGR tools.
Main Benefits:

  • Feature rich graphical user interface for charting, visualization, and drill-down.
  • Applies the power of a broad set of pattern grouping engines to find commonality within a population of inspection results.
  • Converts large quantities of raw data into actionable information.
Main Features:

  • Free-form application with charting, filtering, sampling, pattern grouping, layout viewing, exporting, and other features to provide a complete data analysis solution.
  • Integrates all of the pattern grouping functions of Result Explorer.
  • Ability to import and analyze CD-SEM data from Hitachi and NGR tools.
  • Smart sampling for optimized DOI (defect of interest) coverage.
  • Design based signature extraction and analysis.
  • Multi-level filtering, plotting and statistical analysis.
  • Advanced analysis functions capable of handling large amount of defect counts.
  • Individual and group defect disposition and tracking.
  • Easy input data format conversion from all modules defect reports and import with original groups or classifications.
  • Yield-critical pattern monitor for known hotspots.
  • User friendly GUI operation and multi-format, histogram based viewing, sorting and filtering.
  • Center-Shift exact pattern grouping with user-defined pattern size.
  • Defects filtering and ranking.
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Technical Requirements

The minimum system requirements are listed below:

  • Linux 2.6 or later, 64-bit, x86 based processor.
  • 16 or more physical cores.
  • 128 GB or more physical memory.
  • 2 TB or more available hard drive capacity.
YA-AHS supports both multi-threading and distributed processing (server farm).

Memory and hard drive requirements can vary substantially from customer to customer. Customers who expect to store large quantities of images on the server should allocate appropriate hard drive capacity. Customers who expect to process large numbers of images should allocate additional physical memory. Anchor Semiconductor will help each customer with the appropriate sizing of their hardware.